Japanese curry in 2 meals


My latest obsession is Japanese curry. I had it at Curry House in Cupertino and looooved it so very much. Of course, new obsession means I’m going to cook it at least a dozen times until I perfect it.

You can make Japanese curry from the S&B curry bricks or make your own curry roux base and freeze it. Either way, you’ll have curry bricks ready to melt into water for a quick meal anytime!

Above, I made a simple ground beef and onion curry over whole wheat spaghetti. I topped it with sauteed thick slices of zucchini, my favorite gourd, which is an idea I got from a Japanese curry restaurant I went to. One of the topping options was zucchini and it tasted great with the curry! This took about 20 minutes total.

Below, I had potato and onion curry over some of my leftover char siu fried rice from a few days prior. Very simple and helped me get through my leftovers.