Eggs three ways


What do you do when both you and your roommate bring home 2 dozen eggs each? Go egg crazy and make eggs three ways!

One: (more) Chinese tea eggs

I made 15 more Chinese tea eggs as my first attempt to use a lot of eggs. Yum!

Two: eggs en cocotte

I’ve read many, many recipes for eggs en cocotte, but never made them before because I rarely have heavy cream in my fridge. This Saturday morning, I did, and I had a friend coming over so I decided to try it based on what I remembered. I like that eggs en cocotte is a true “leftover” recipe – you can use whatever leftover veggies or light dish you have on hand and just add an egg. In this case, I sauteed some spinach, mushrooms and a leftover onion and put them in a small Pyrex bowl. Topped with 2 tbsp’s heavy cream, some Irish cheddar (my new favorite cheese – way better than parmesan!), cracked an egg on top and put it in the oven. I wasn’t really sure why the recipes say you have to add heavy cream, but once you try it, you’ll never go back. The heavy cream added a creamy flavor to the veggies that paired well with the baked egg. I also didn’t add any butter to my recipe, so it felt healthier.

Three: eggs baked in tomatoes

Loosely based off this recipe, I picked up two large tomatoes, hollowed them out, cracked an egg in each, topped with a little Irish cheddar and baked. Tomatoes are up there on my list of favorite foods, next to eggs, so this was the most delicious dish to me. The egg whites were loose, but not runny – perfectly cooked in my opinion. Next time, I’m going to rub the inside of the tomato with pesto before baking, which should give it more flavor. Again, no butter or oil in this recipe, so it tasted healthy to me (besides the fact that I ate 3 eggs for brunch).